1. The Junior Ice Cream Social is being moved to Friday (Sept 9) at 11 AM, contrary to what was listed in the catalog and Premium List. An ice cream truck will come onto the site near the vendor village and will accept vouchers provided by the sponsor (Greater Cincinnati GRC) for ice cream treats.  Individuals may also purchase ice cream and the truck will likely tour around the grounds before leaving that day, just like the old days.
  2. Because of small changes like this, we will be posting a daily schedule of events at both venues (Stock Arena and Expo Center). Please check the posters to be sure the location and timing of events is clear to you.
  3. Because we will be using the Expo Center to hold the Top 20 Invitational on Thursday night, it is necessary to remove all the personal chairs from the Expo Center at the end of judging on Thursday. In order to assure that your spot for your chair is maintained after this event, the committee for this event will be passing around a roll of painter’s tape and a marking pen for you to mark your spot on the floor.  You simply grab a piece of tape, write your name on it and then put the tape on the floor beneath your seat.  Then, you can take your chair with you as we empty the building in preparation for the Invitational.  The next day, you simply bring back your chair and place it over your name/tape on the floor and we move on.  We expect everyone to respect the tape placed on the floor and not to replace with somebody else’s.  Hopefully, this will allow an orderly and non-complicated means of having this event on Thursday evening.

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