ShowDogVideoPros will be LIVE streaming conformation at this year’s National, as well as providing RECORDED streaming video class-by-class each day after the judging.  All the info for signing up and buying a ticket is here: 

Live Stream Signup

New Offering!

We are offering something new this year –  “ZIPPY PLAYBACK” : The recorded streaming video for each class will be available to view within 10 minutes of the completion of each class as the judging progresses throughout the day.  Example: You log into the LIVE feed too late and miss your dog.  No worries!  With Zippy Playback you can see the video just 10 minutes after the end of the class – yay!!!

What’s awesome about our streaming video?

Here are the Top 10 features of our Streaming Video Service:  
  1. LIVE Streaming Video during judging.  
  2. RECORDED Streaming Video 10 minutes **after** each class is judged.  
  3. LIVE & RECORDED Streams totally separate.  
  4. If LIVE Stream goes off, RECORDED still captures the action!
  5. Streaming Video Tickets good thru 01/01/2023.
  6. NO commercials.
  7. NO advertising.
  8. NO solicitations.
  9. ALL shows filmed as Breeders for Breeders.
  10. Shows are NOT filmed as Entertainment Sporting events.


ShowDogVideoPros will be offering a full suite of video products for purchase both now (before the show), at the show, and afterwards. Here is the direct link to our Flash Drive Video Store for the GRCA 2022 show:

Order your video here!

  1. ALL VIDEOS ON USB Flash Drives –  By going “All Electronic” and not being locked into a 2-hr DVD format, we are now able to offer videos that (a) include complete unedited footage of every dog in every class, i.e., full exams, all movements, and judging, (b) that are based on a single class, and (c) that are offered in Bundles and Packages at significant discounts!
  2. VIDEO PACKAGES – significant ‘chunks’ of the show at very Discounted rates, e.g. National Show, Whole Show, etc.
  3. VIDEO BUNDLES – logical show segments at <very> Discounted rates, e.g. National DOGS, BITCHES, BREED, SWEEPS, etc.
  4. JUST MY CLASS – Folks can now order just the classes in which they competed – 1, 2, 3, or more classes at a time.
  5. JUST MY DOG – Folks can order a custom edited video featuring just their dog in competition in 1 or more classes.

ALL of our videos are now in electronic format delivered on USB Flash Drive.  We offer a number of different “connector” options, including standard USB 3, USB “C”, Lightning Drives for iPhone/iPad, and so on.

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