Here’s the latest message from Don Burlett, the show Chair. 
  1.  Here is the latest information from the Monroe Count Fairgrounds concerning RV’s at the national.  And I quote – “Septic clean-out will be available on Wednesday, September 7th and Saturday, September 10th.  Payment for these services are due in the Fairgrounds Office on the east end of the Expo Center Building by 4:00 PM the day prior to the clean-out.  Payment MUST BE IN CASH.  Please use the green cards enclosed in your RV rental package to schedule your clean-out.  Costs are on the cards.  ANY DUMPING OF GRAY WATER OR BLACKWATER ONTO THE GROUNDS WILL RESULT IN A $100 FINE PER INCIDENT AND REPORT RO THE GRCA.”
  2.  If you are having an RV delivered to the fairgrounds, you will need to pick up your RV packet at the check-in tent (located at the AA gate (east entrance) when you arrive.  The packet will not be given to the deliverer of the vehicle.
  3.  3.  Handicapped parking will be available in the small lot to the immediate east of the Expo center.  To get there, the easiest path is to enter the grounds from the entrance of M-50 directly in front of the Expo center and proceed to the east side of that building.
  4.  4.  A new map of the grounds is posted showing some changes in the event locations made late in the game.

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