2022 GRCA National Specialty Grooming at the Monroe County Fairgrounds will include 224 grooming spaces (each 10’x10’) located under 3 tents.  

The tents will have sides that can be lowered if weather requires. The tents will be located just outside the main entrance to the Expo Center where Conformation will be held. Each spot will have one 20-amp electrical circuit.

Please remember to bring your own 50 to100 ft extension cord as it will be needed to reach the outlets.  A surge protector is also recommended. Please pay attention to your power requirements for dryers to avoid tripping breakers.  Other electrical appliances are NOT allowed under the tent.  Excessively outages will lead to charges for returned service ($30).  The power outlets will be located down the open center space between the 2 main tents and you may be up to 60 feet away. (See grooming space diagram above).

Wood shavings, ex-pens and personal are NOT allowed under the grooming tents.  Please keep aisles clear for fire safety.  

Generators will be allowed with some restrictions, based on common sense.  They will NOT be allowed under tents on the site.  If needed, they should be placed somewhere a bit away for these sites and an extension cord used to get power from them.

The grooming tent will be closed from 11 PM until 5 AM each day.  Dogs cannot be left in the grooming tents overnight.  Questions? Email cmercer900@mac.com.

Summary of pertinent specifications:

  • Each grooming spot will be 10’ x 10’
  • Each grooming spot will have one 20-amp circuit
  • You are responsible to bring a 50 –100 ft extension cord to access electricity
  • Shavings and exercise pens are not permitted
  • Generators will be allowed with restrictions.
  • Grooming tents will be closed from 11 PM until 5 AM each day and dogs can not be left overnight


Grooming Reservation Form

Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.  Reservations will be taken beginning February 1, 2022.  Each 10’x10’ space will cost $100 and reservations can be made by mailing the attached form so as to arrive on or after February 1, 2022.  Please check the reservation form for information needed for reservations.  Mail the form along with your check made out to 2022 GRCA National Specialty to:

Cappi Mercer

615 Debbington Dr.

Bay Village, OH  44140.  

Requests for multiple spaces and/or spaces beside other exhibitors must be made by sending your reservations forms together in one envelope.  If you are sharing a grooming spaces you will need to list the names of those who are sharing with you.

Reservations may be cancelled without penalty through August 3, 2022.  No refunds will be available after that date. Please email cmercer900@mac.com to cancel any confirmed reservations. Refunds will be processed as quickly as possible, however final processing may not occur until after the event.