All companion events at the 2022 GRCA National Specialty will take place in the Stock Arena (named Stock after a former Monroe County Fairgrounds board member named Stock).  Crating space at the Stock Arena will have some limitations based on the size of the arena and the size of rings used during the events.  

The Agility events (both CVGRC and GRCA Agility trials) utilize most of the free space in the arena and there will be limited space available.  The agility event team will regulate the use of any available space.  For additional crating space, a 40’ x 100’ tent will be available just to the west of the arena, along with a grassy area for parking and individual crating.

For Obedience and Rally, there may be more space inside the arena but the 40’ x 100’ tent will still be available for crating.

It will be best to check with the specific event chair (listed on each event page or the committee volunteer page) to see how inside crating will be handled.

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