We hope this weekend of shows is already paying off and everyone is having fun! We all know how much hard work goes into a weekend of shows — not just to exhibit your own dogs, but for the club to actually put on the show! Of course this is true for the GRCA National, in spades. That is why we are asking for your help specifically. No – not the person next to you… we’re looking at you!

If you have an extra hour or two on any day and at any venue during the 2022 National that you would like to give back to your club, please consider doing so.  We can use you at the Hunting Tests, Agility, Obedience, Conformation, WC/WCX, and Field Trials — not to mention with armbands, health clinics, checking people in at the various dinners, and more! 

With your help, this National will be great! Please consider using form below, or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator Dianne Baker (gazebogoldens@outlook.com) to talk about your availability to help out, and thank you.


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