The Best of Breed computer display will be set up Tuesday from 1PM to 5PM in the Expo Center, Wednesday from 2PM-6PM in the Expo Center, and then in the Annual Meeting Room, and finally Thursday for 1 hours after Winners Bitch in the Expo Center. Numbers for all Specials will be arranged in catalog order. You may move your Special to a new group until 1 hour after Winners Bitch on Thursday, when all groups will be considered final.

There will be 6 groups of makes and 4 groups of bitches. All bitch groups will be judged on Friday afternoon. There will be a second cut in bitches after the conclusion of the 4 bitch groups on Friday. All dog groups will be judged on Saturday.

NOTE: Non-regular class winners, including Winners Dog and Winners Bitch, will be judged on Saturday in their own group after all make groups are judged (time to be announced). There is no need to move their numbers.

You may move a dog’s number to another group or declare them absent ONLY if you are the owner or agent for that dog. Raffle tickets to all who report a Special absent!

All Best of Breed entries must be checked in on Friday IN NUMERICAL ORDER (not group) at 1PM. Line-up will be at 12:30.

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