The National is Over!!!  After years of work and lots of toil during the national, the 2022 GRCA National came off without too many apparent miscues.  We hope you had a great experience and enjoyed yourselves over the 13 days of the National.  Thanks to our local club and all our hard workers for their great effort.  We also want to thank the Monroe County Fairgrounds staff for exceptional support throughout the entire event in Monroe. 

We still have lots of work to do, but wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the attendees and GRCA for helping to make this a memorable experience.

Good evening everyone! Many of your know we are posting links to results as we get them at out home page ( In this release, we are posting our Agility results. Exhibitors should have already received these in their email, but for those that are interested, we are posting the Agility Catalogs (provided by the secretary), along with results!

Jumpers with Weaves

JWW Catalog

JWW Results

Fifteen and Sent Time

FAST Catalog

FAST Results

Time To Beat

T2B Catalog

T2B Results