Schedule for Health Clinics

The times, dates and other information on the chart is subject to change. Please refer to the GRCA website, GRCAFacebook page, or the 2022 National webpage for updates. Clinics may be extended if there is sufficient demand.













DNA Blood Draw




OFA Eye Clinic





All Health Clinics require preregistration. Cardiac, OFA Eye Clinic and DNA require prepayment. There is no cost for the PU exam or the CHIC Blood draw. Online pre-registration with payment will begin on August 1 and end on August 26, 2022. Additional information about the health clinics and necessary forms will be available later on the 2022 GRCA National website: All information is subject to change. Pre-registration for the CERF clinic will be through Dr. King’s website and not through the GRCA store

Pre-registration and payment by major credit card for DNA, Cardiac and PU health clinics will be available on the Golden Retriever Club of America Store

You will be notified after pre-registration that you registration has been received, but appointments may not be scheduled until later. Please be sure your correct email address is included in your pre-registration. General questions can be sent to:



Dr. Robert Hamlin from the Ohio State University and his associate Dr. Roof will be conducting Echocardiograms and Auscultations. This will be limited to golden retrievers until pre-registration closes. After that, we may be able to accept other breeds pending space available. Pre-registration is through the GRCA store.

  • Pre-Registration ECHO/AUSCULTATION $260
  • Walk-in ECHO/AUSCULTATION (as time allows) $275
  • Pre-Registration AUSCULTATION $60
  • Walk-in AUSCULTATION $65

You will be notified of your appointment time via email after the Judging schedule is published. Discount stickers for submission to OFA will be available at the clinic. Questions can be sent to:


Requires pre-payment with pre-registration

Dr. Adam King has graciously agreed to do an OFA eye clinic for one day. He will be there September 8, from 9-4. Pre-registration is through Dr. King’s website and not through the GRCA store.    Please come 20 minutes early for your appointment so we can put in eye drops. Please bring information to complete you dog’s OFA form.

$55 per dog preregistered online with major credit card payment  

$65 day of clinic walk in (as time allows) per dog credit card/ money order or check

Discount stickers for submission to OFA will be available at the clinic.

Questions can be sent to


This clinic is free but requires pre-registration

Dr. Wendy Townsend, MS, DVM, DAVOM of Purdue University and a primary researcher into PU will be performing ultrasounds of Golden Retriever eyes. This noninvasive procedure is free of charge, is not painful or uncomfortable and has the potential to provide critical information for continuing research into this disease.

Dr Townsend will examine any Golden Retrievers, healthy eyes or otherwise, 6 years and older. Goldens without pedigrees or those from a rescue situation are more than welcome to become a part of this research project. Dependent on the interest in this year’s clinic, the age requirement is subject to change.

Dr Townsend is strongly encouraging Golden Retrievers 12 years and older and those previously seen at PU clinics to participate in this year’s clinic. The clinic is limited to 125 dogs. Appointments will be arranged once judging schedules are announced. Downloadable forms need to be returned to to complete preregistration process. These forms will be available on the National website.

Pre-registration for the clinic is through the GRCA store

Questions? Please email:


Michael A Lappin, DVM

CHIC BANK: The Golden Retriever Foundation is once again combining its ongoing DNA blood collection project. There is no charge for the blood draws or shipping. GRF also absorbs the OFA CHIC fee for Goldens. Pre-registration is through the GRCA store.

Since beginning in 2005, at the GRCA National Specialty in Gettysburg, PA, the Golden Retriever Foundation (GRF) has sponsored DNA collections clinics at the National Specialties.   We also support individual clubs who wish to run a DNA “Mass Collection Clinic” at one of their local events.

The blood collected (or occasionally cheek swabs) are sent to the OFA-CHIC DNA bank located at the University of Missouri.  The samples are used to supply researchers with DNA, so they do not have to spend the time and effort to do their own sample collection.  There is normally a fee for submission to this “bank”.  The GRF pays the submission fee for Golden Retrievers collected at a “mass collection clinic”.  Our initial goal was to have 4,000 unique samples in the “bank”.  So far, we have more than 4,000 samples, the largest representation of any AKC breed.

The histories and pedigrees supplied to the researchers are used to enable them to trace family units and help determine the hereditary characteristics of the disease or disorder being studied.

The samples have been used not only in hereditary disease research, but cancer, genetic and orthopedic disorders as well.  The researchers use the samples to help determine if there is a way to screen dogs for a specific disease or disorder, or to develop tests that can give us more information about response to chemo-therapy, for example.

This initiative is about supplying the researchers with samples to help keep the research going.  The ultimate goal is to find the cause, ways to diagnose, prognosticate and treat these awful hereditary problems.

For donating blood to the GRF projects with OFA and Broad Institute, please print out this form, fill it out and bring it with you to the clinic. No appointment is needed. This is on a walk in basis, but please pre-register

Since those forms require extensive information, it would be best to do that now. This will save you time on clinic day. Forms will also available from

Please return all forms to


VOLUNTEERS are needed to make the clinic a success. Please contact and let us know which clinic you would like to work at, what days you are available and whether you would like to work a half day or a full day.

Thank you everyone for the ongoing support for the Golden Retriever National Specialty Health clinics. The clinic doctors and volunteers are all looking forward to seeing you in Monroe.



All companion events at the 2022 GRCA National Specialty will take place in the Stock Arena (named Stock after a former Monroe County Fairgrounds board member named Stock).  Crating space at the Stock Arena will have some limitations based on the size of the arena and the size of rings used during the events.  

The Agility events (both CVGRC and GRCA Agility trials) utilize most of the free space in the arena and there will be limited space available.  The agility event team will regulate the use of any available space.  For additional crating space, a 40’ x 100’ tent will be available just to the west of the arena, along with a grassy area for parking and individual crating.

For Obedience and Rally, there may be more space inside the arena but the 40’ x 100’ tent will still be available for crating.

It will be best to check with the specific event chair (listed on each event page or the committee volunteer page) to see how inside crating will be handled.

  • No generators will be allowed on the grounds except in the outer (far eastern) parking lot. They will need to be away from other cars and separated from other stuff.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the grounds of the Hunt Test and WC/WCX.  No exceptions.
  • In order to recognize trophy and raffle donations in the catalog, we ask that you handle these decisions before July 6th. The catalog has to be completed shortly after that and we need time to plan all the raffle and other aspects of the National.
  • The premium list will be released Wednesday, June 22, so watch for it and let us know if you have not received a copy.
  • All the Parades at the National (Titleholders, Rescue, Heroes) need to have the entries submitted by July 6th. Be aware that this date is less than three weeks from now.
  • Also want to thank everyone for all the support that has been provided for our efforts to run this National. It is very much appreciated!

Are you excited to honor your beloved Goldens in a parade? The Parade entry forms have all been posted and they close early (July 6), so do not wait… enter now!

Please note: closing dates listed in the premium are incorrect – they have been changed to July 6th to include entries in the catalog.

We look forward to seeing you!

Watch the 2022 GRCA Top Twenty Invitational qualifiers compete as we count down to the number 3, number 2 and our 2022 GRCA Top Twenty Invitational winner!

  • Where: Monroe County Fairgrounds 3775 S Custer Road Monroe MI 48166; tented dinner area
  • When: September 8, 2022; approximately 6:00 pm (Exact time to be announced closer to the event)
  • Price: $100 per ticket ; Tickets to go on sale late July and seating is limited.
  • Theme: Motown Gold; dress up in glitz and glam to party the night away and celebrate our qualifiers.

Ticket includes catered buffet dinner by the award winning “Movable Feast,”  Top Twenty Invitational Event seating, commemoration gift, and on-line catalog. 

Drink tickets will be available for purchase during ticket pick up times and during the night of the event. 

Pay attention to the Top Twenty Event page for more information!

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