From our show photographer- Phyllis Ensley.
I wanted to give everyone a shout out. I am going to be your show photographer for this year’s national. I will be taking win photos as well as action pictures. My professional crew and myself will be photographing agility, obedience, rally, scent work, Top Twenty and all conformation events. There is no need to sign up, we photograph everyone.
Currently I plan to have a booth in the performance area and the conformation area for win shots and for people to view their pictures. I have a total of 8 viewing stations. The club had two beautiful backdrops made so the performance people could have their own and wouldn’t have to go so far to use the one in the conformation area. If you win a ribbon, have us take your picture. There is not obligation to buy, plus you can see them at the show.
Over the years, I have learned that people enjoy looking at the pictures from Futurity/ Maturity and sweeps to see how their dog performed as well as see how their grooming looked. This gave them time to tweak things before the big show. They learn so much from the pictures. Please stop by and look.
I HIGHLY recommend that you come see your pictures daily. It gets crazy on the last day and that will save you a lot of time. I have sales reps in the booth to help you with anything you need.
We offer a show package where you can get all your pictures for each event you that you want, this is a great deal. This deal is not offered on the website, you must take advantage of this package at the show. The win pictures are not included in these packages
Thank you for having us at your national and I look forward to seeing each one of you guys!

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